Are you OK in there? Haven’t seen you out and about …

This is such a great community. We’ve seen so many examples of LCDH1 residentsCOVID Check-in reaching out and helping one another in the past couple of weeks. Food runs, cooking a little extra to share a leftover meal, encouraging a neighbor to get medical help for a developing issue and providing the ride required. Distanced conversations that would previously have just been a hello or a nod as we passed …

Please let us know if this COVID-19 isolation is raising issues or challenges for you that require outside support. New resident and member of the Social Committee, Joy Merz has agreed to be the contact point for anyone wanting help, or just someone to talk to. If you phone or email her, she will do her best to find an appropriate ‘buddy’ ready and willing to give you a call and arrange something. There are several of us already signed up to volunteer.

Reach out by calling Joy at (208) 360-3078 or email at You won’t be imposing; we want to be there for you!

Please note that this is not a formal LCDH1 initiative – just a few concerned neighbors who want to be sure we’re all OK.

March Newsletter

The LCDH1 Newsletter is now available online simply by clicking on this link: Newsletter

We thank Secretary Gil Wall for his service and the special contribution he has left behind as he steps down from our Board. Gill 2

Thank you also to community  members that are signing on to this Website as Followers. You will always be the first to get the newsletter. In the short term, we apologize for the second copy that will arrive later attached to a general emailing – this duplication will cease once we have everyone who is online following the site.

Road Work – Next Week

Sunland Asphalt will be doing CRACK SEALING throughout LCDH1 this Wednesday, February 5th and Thursday, February 6th. Crews will begin work by 7am both days.

The larger cracks in the pavement will be blown clean and filled with a hot rubber sealer.  This material cures within 5 minutes. However, access and traffic flow will be disturbed for short periods near the sealing operation; you may have to find an alternate route through our maze.


  • do not park on the roads
  • keep Wednesday recycling material off the roadway
  • no outside watering on those days
  • keep pets away from the construction for their own safety.

Cooler temperatures this week are ideal, as the cracks will be bigger and easier to deal with. However, there is a small chance of rescheduling as crack sealing cannot be applied in the wind, rain or any extreme temperature.

Sunland and our own Roads Committee understand that there may be some inconvenience, but if we work together we can keep it to a minimum and come out with excellent results.

January Newsletter

The LCDH1 Newsletter for January is now available.  Click here: Newsletter

The main news is that two community members have stepped up to serve on the Board. They’ve provided an overview of their background in the newsletter. A sincere thanks to both Bonnie Myers (left photo) and Connie Cimaglia (right photo).

Road Work – HERE, IN A WEEK

On Monday, December 16th, the paved roads in La Canada Desert Homes I (including the two loops along Corpino de Pecho) will be swept in order to allow us to see the cracks which need to be filled this winter. Please park any and all vehices off the paved road way, in your drive way.Swieeper

The chips which are swept up will be put in piles in three areas in our neihborhood.

  • northeast of the circle, at the foot of Paseo Bosillo,
  • on the edge of the Utility road between Corpino de Pecho and Paseo Felice and
  • north of the gravel alley way, between the head of Paseo Felice and the end of Placita Tesoro.

The sweeping should begin about 8:30 am and will take five to six hours.

Your help is appreciated. Thank you, Jon Otto – Chair of the Roads Committee

The Totem Crew

Our December Newsletter reported on the Totems now featured at The Resting Place.  Unfortunately, the editor missed an email from coordinator Arliene Stremming which contained two excellent photos of the proud crew. Here they are!

We appreciate the work of artists Arliene Stremming, Brenda Eddy, Jackie Herning, Clara Rejda, Sheryal Atkins and Marlene Sampsel. And of course, thanks to installer Dave Faldalen.

Comprehensive Roads Report

At the LCDH1 Board Meeting on December 2nd, Jon Otto presented a detailed overview of his committee’s ‘go forward’ recommendations. The report was well received and, as mentioned in the Newsletter, the Board approved the initial steps of commercial sweeping and crack sealing over the next 2-3 months.

This post gives you access to the entire report, including:

  • assessment of the condition of our roads
  • our cash position – showing that we have indeed saved the funds required for the major work that is done every 10 years or so (next is 2021)
  • long term additional savings required for 2033
  • comparison of the two surfacing options (double chip seal OR poly chip)
  • detailed next steps.

Click here to see the entire report: LCDHI_RoadsRecommendation-2019-12-02

Great Work!  Thank you Jon!!!