A Gathering Place

What began as a simple rest stop when the bench was donated by Justin and Carrel Loveless is evolving.  Neighbor Ken Balmer has provided a ‘sail’ sculpture that he purchased from Justin a couple of years ago; and done a little rock and gravel work to make the bench more accessible. Darwin and Beverly Guinn have just made a donation to LCDH1 to go even further and create a ‘patio’ like surface to make it easier for all, but especially tBench with Arthose with walkers, to get into the space.

And just last week, seven mule deer dropped in to check it out around 5:30 am in the morning – our first official gathering.

Dave Faladen and Greg Knowles of the Landscape Committee will be mapping out a pathway or two through this commons at the north end of the Freemont Loop where it meets Paseo De Amigos. The ‘patio’ design will be finalized and installed over the summer months to best connect with the pathways.

This is a wonderful example of how we can all pitch in and make things happen.

Deer at Gathering Place


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