Social Survey Results

Thirty-seven LCDH1 residents responded to the Social/Hospitality Committee Survey. THANK YOU!

You can review the results by clicking on this link to see the report: About Social Opportunities – report

What you said:

  • 73% felt that it was either important or essential that we continue to create and facilitate opportunities to get together
  • the majority (56%) felt that once a month was about right
  • when thinking about past social events/gatherings, there is continuing interest in WOWs, home BBQs, a Music Fest, and the Ice Cream Social – less for Ladies Coffee, Game Nights, Dinner Evenings or Singles Gatherings.
  • While several respondents felt that we should leave WOW as it is, there was interest in experimenting with other days of the week, earlier times in the winter months (to avoid dark), occasional themes, occasional music, declaring it a PFZ (politics free zone, and/or renaming to deemphasize wine.
  • There was overwhelming support for a Block BBQ in the Spring – 67% thought it was a great idea, only one person selected the ‘not interested’ option.
  • The report contains many suggestions about new types of gatherings and how to improve the WOW experience.  Enjoy the read!


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