Road Work – HERE, IN A WEEK

On Monday, December 16th, the paved roads in La Canada Desert Homes I (including the two loops along Corpino de Pecho) will be swept in order to allow us to see the cracks which need to be filled this winter. Please park any and all vehices off the paved road way, in your drive way.Swieeper

The chips which are swept up will be put in piles in three areas in our neihborhood.

  • northeast of the circle, at the foot of Paseo Bosillo,
  • on the edge of the Utility road between Corpino de Pecho and Paseo Felice and
  • north of the gravel alley way, between the head of Paseo Felice and the end of Placita Tesoro.

The sweeping should begin about 8:30 am and will take five to six hours.

Your help is appreciated. Thank you, Jon Otto – Chair of the Roads Committee

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