Are you OK in there? Haven’t seen you out and about …

This is such a great community. We’ve seen so many examples of LCDH1 residentsCOVID Check-in reaching out and helping one another in the past couple of weeks. Food runs, cooking a little extra to share a leftover meal, encouraging a neighbor to get medical help for a developing issue and providing the ride required. Distanced conversations that would previously have just been a hello or a nod as we passed …

Please let us know if this COVID-19 isolation is raising issues or challenges for you that require outside support. New resident and member of the Social Committee, Joy Merz has agreed to be the contact point for anyone wanting help, or just someone to talk to. If you phone or email her, she will do her best to find an appropriate ‘buddy’ ready and willing to give you a call and arrange something. There are several of us already signed up to volunteer.

Reach out by calling Joy at (208) 360-3078 or email at You won’t be imposing; we want to be there for you!

Please note that this is not a formal LCDH1 initiative – just a few concerned neighbors who want to be sure we’re all OK.

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