Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting

Our 2021 Annual Meeting was held on ZOOM at 1pm on February 6, 2021.  As a result, we don’t have our usual pictures but residents can review the business using the links below:

As usual, the Board held an Organizational Meeting soon afterward – primarily to formally assign Board, Committee Chair and Board Committee Liaison positions:

2020 Annual Meeting

Our LCDH1 Annual Meeting was held at St. Francis Episcopal Church on Saturday, February 1st with 36 in attendance. Click on this link for minutes of the meeting: 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting (2)

Board Members: Bonnie Myers and Connie Cimaglia will be appointed at the February 11th Organizational Meeting to complete the terms of retiring members Dennis Wyatt and Tom Lambros. Clarke Green, Gil Wall and Ken Lenk remain. Officer positions will be assigned during the Organizational Meeting.

Finances: LCDH1 has a net worth of $133,933.94 largely due to our savings commitment to be ready for major road maintenance in 2021. Our 2020 budget has protected funds for all anticipated expenses and suggests a year end surplus of just of $6,000 (actually a small contingency fund). Both expenses and revenues for 2020 are projected to be about $2,000 higher than in 2019. The only significant difference between our approach in 2019 and 2020 is that the operating funds that are normally transferred to savings CD’s (the road fund) will actually be spent on 2020 professional crack sealing in preparation for the major work a year later.

Landscaping and road work (operating and capital/savings) continue to consume the majority of our expenses. In 2020, 51% of our budget will be spent on roads, 29% on landscaping, and 20% for all other expenses (including insurance, office and postal, GVCC membership, major projects, legal fees, hospitality).


2019 Annual Meeting

The LCDH1 Annual Meeting was held on Monday, February 4th at the Episcopalian Church across La Canada. 32 individuals, representing 14 households attended.

Click on this link for minutes: 2-4-2019 LCDHI Annual Meeting Minutes

Group shotPat Wyatt, Treasurer reported that we are in good shape financially with a carryover of $4,800 from 2018, an anticipated budget of $27,521.53 for 2019, and a net worth of $122,095.27 which includes road related savings accounts totalling $110,327.40. Full year end reports and the 2019 budget were handed out at the meeting and are available on request to those who were not able to attend. Note that the budget is largely taken up by landscaping ($8500 or 31%) and roads ($10,500 or 38%) – just under 70% of our annual expenditures.

Dave Faldalen, our Landscape Committee chairman addressed plans for cactus and tree planting around the community to replace dead/removed material. He also spoke of plans for continued improvement to the ‘Desert Oasis’, common area at Paseo de Amigo and Fremont Circle: some rock work to define the recently cleared paths, installation of a pottery totem (see article later in this newsletter.

OttoJon Otto, Roads and Arroyo Chair gave a comedic overview of our roads maintenance program. We are prepared for our 12 year road renewal in 2020/21 (see article later in this newsletter).

President Dennis Wyatt mentioned that four homes sold in the community last year, and approximately five are now for sale. LCDH1 is now 60% full-time owners, 18% seasonal owners, and 15% rental (missing percentage points are the empty homes). On behalf of the Board, he identified two goals for 2019: Community Participation and Welcoming New Home Owners.

A special thanks to Pat Wyatt – simply the best

Pat WyattPat gave her final financial report at last week’s General Meeting. Her service to LCDH1 as Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist and ‘coach to the President’ has been outstanding. During her tenure our financial records have improved dramatically, the audit process has been streamlined, the website and newsletter were launched, many of our files have been digitized, and the secretarial functions have been professionalized. We can only hope that she will remain available as mentor to those following in her footsteps.

2018 Annual Meeting

The 2018 Annual Meeting was held on February 5th aBoardt St. Francis Episcopal Church, just across La Canada from our community.  Click here for the minutes – 2018 LCDHI Annual Meeting Minutes

Highlights of the various business presentations included:

  • an overview of a healthy and audited budget by Treasurer Pat Wyatt
  • report that 79 homeowners had paid their dues on time (of 80)
  • report of 21 property enhancement applications in 2017 (all approved)
  • satisfaction with the once-a-month maintenance by Open Range Landscaping (formerly Koonts Bros.) – good, cost effective work; and plans for the Landscape Committee under Dave Faldalen to continue work on the medians, along I-19 and the Drainage Ditch in 2018
  • John Otto reported that our 1.6 miles of streets are on schedule for resurfacing in 2021.  He thanked he 17 volunteers who toiled for 4 days in 2017 to fill cracks and/or feed the workers
  • AttendeesGreg Knowles reported that 47 of our 80 homes are now homeowner occupied (up from 44 in 2016), part time homeowner occupants steady at 20, and we have 13 rentals (down from 14 in 2016).
  • see the minutes for Board comments, through Greg, related to speed, dogs and their droppings, wandering cats, common area trimming, RV rules, laundry, the perils of bird feeding, snakes, The Little Free Library, snakes, cockroaches, old electric boxes, and water/sewer line insurance.

Board Goals for 2018 remain focused on encouraging community involvement.

2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting was  held February  1, 2017 at Friends in Deed.  Many thanks to Pat, Dennis and Greg, long serving members who are staying on (far end of table); to Dave who is beginning his second year of Board service (2nd from left); to retiring member Linda for her involvement over the past few years; and especially to Tom (left) who is joining the Board after only a year in LCDH1.

We learned that last year’s Board received exceptional performance ratings through the recent community survey. We were also reassured that LDDH1 sits on firmAnnual Meeting Attendees financial foundations and strong, thick roadways thanks to the diligence and stewardship of Boards to date. We know that our slightly new Board will carry on the good work.

Priorities for the year ahead remain focused on community engagement and landscape maintenance.

Click here to see the full report and minutes: 2-1-2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

2016 La Canada Desert Homes Annual MeetingDSCN2197

Feb 1, 2016 at Friends in Deed

Prior to the meeting starting, Larry from Friends in Deed gave a summary of the services they offer. A donation to Friends in Deed can be taken as a tax credit on the State of Arizona Income tax. A number of our homeowners have taken advantage of their medical equipment lending program.

President Dennis Wyatt called the meeting to order at 1:04pm. The sign in sheet indicated that the meeting was attended by 36 homeowners representing 26 properties. Dennis introduced the Board and four of our new homeowners that were in attendance: Chris Heckler and David Hoover, Tom & Marci Lambros and Dale & Carol Sonnenberg.

Financial Report by outgoing Treasurer John Tindall.

  • He reviewed the Board approved Budget for 2016.
  • Audit committee composed of Ken Balmer, Chuck Gremel and Ray Podwika has reviewed the 2015 financial records. They have been found to be in good order and balanced. Board unanimous approved the audit results.
  • He reported that he had received only 63 votes. There are still 3 outstanding dues and 2 homeowners have not paid their late fees.

Standing Committees Reports:

Architecture Review: Howie Stevens reported it had been a slow year. There were 2 requests for change of color and 1 review of a new home plans.

Landscape:   Dave Faldalen requests homeowners help to reduce the cost of the annual cleanup by boxing cactus and putting out with the Titan trash on Tues and Friday, throughout the year. There was an increase in the bill by almost $1000.00 with no change in fee or hauling charges. This year the landfill has increased their fee.   Mediums still need to be worked on. Linda Strader, a licensed arborists/landscape designer has been hired by the board to assist with the evaluation of the landscape/tree replacement.

Road & Drainage; Darwin Guinn thanked his road committee. They feel the roads are in satisfactory condition at this time and the current progression on road CD funding is adequate so far. Off road parking area could still be done this year if there is a need but no one has suggested any so far. The next crack sealing will take place in 2017 or 2018 time frame with LCDH3. We are still on target for 2021 road replacement.

Welcome & Hospitality: Arliene Stremming thanked those who had sponsored and supported the WOWs. The February WOW will be Feb 24th from 5-7pm at Ken & Robin Hazen. Are there any other activities you would like to see? Call her.

Nominating & Archives: Dennis stated that only 2 volunteered to run for the board and 3 current holders volunteered to continue. The homeowners will need to reconsider serving in some way. Some of our longer homeowners have served in the past. The members of Board have looked at ways to make each job a little less involved. Our Nominating Committee consists of Dennis, Jon Otto & Joan Stevens. They will be meeting and reviewing homeowners for the 2017 Board. Please consider running. The alternative is very expensive and not desirable.   The records are being digitized on memory stick instead of paper copies. It will be a long process.

Newsletter: Ken thanked Greg Knowles for helping with newsletter and assisting him when Ken is gone. Ken reported on the survey he sent out with the January newsletter to help the Board build the Annual Meeting Agenda. There were only 14 participates. Please consider taking the survey. They are easy to do and very helpful to the board.

Items for Discussion:

  • Greg Knowles discussed the State of our Community. 2015 Accomplishments and Projected goals for 2016. (See handout)
  • Pat Wyatt asked homeowners to fill out a volunteer card on the tables. A list of possible suggestions was provided to assist.
  • Dennis Wyatt provided information of 2 management companies who submitted him with proposals on their services and cost. One charged $800 to $1000/mo. for their services and extra cost for “extra items”. Another would provide accounting for $350/mo. and a secretary for $50/ meeting for 2 hrs. The board felt this is not a viable solution. But the Board may have to consider. Estimated cost would add about $80 to $100 to homeowners annual dues.

Open Form: Issues from the floor:

GVC Board meetings are open to everyone as are our HOA Board meetings.

Discussed a cleanup of the “vacant lot” on the corner of Fremont Circle and Amigo, our boundary off La Canada, I-19 and the fence and the wash area.

Results of the Election:

Ray Podwika announced that David Hoover and Pat Wyatt were elected to the board. The annual dues increase of $25 starting with 2017 passed. The monies will help fund the tree/shrub replacement program.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 2:15 for refreshments and social time with neighbors.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Wyatt, Corresponding Secretary