Our Committees

We have a number of active committees manned by volunteers in our neighborhood.  They are described below in the hope that one will interest you and get you involved in our community! Each of us who is an active participant has been rewarded with new friendships and the knowledge that we are playing a key role in improving our little corner of the world.  Volunteers also help all of us save money by doing some work ourselves – the expense of contractors and/or HOA managers would be prohibitive.

LANDSCAPE: This team maintains and enhances our desert surroundings.  Commitment is flexible with the expectation that members will work with others to help maintain common areas – probably about 6-8 half days each year.  Chair: Dave Faldalen  – 520-399-1443  – dave@homeinaz.net

ROADS AND DRAINAGE: This team maintains our private streets and drainage fields.  Requires a potential 4 days each year to patch cracked pavement.  Chair: Jon Otto – 520-207-6456 –  reyandjon@cox.net

ARCHITECTURE REVIEW: Their role is to review all exterior projects to ensure compliance with our governing documents.  Commitment is sporadic as it is only active when a neighbor has submitted a request to do exterior work.  Dennis Wyatt/ Mary Jane Todesco  – 520-400-6186

WELCOME/HOSPITALITY: This group enhances our sense of community by welcoming all new owners personally and creating opportunities for all of us to socialize.  Commitment is a monthly meeting through the winter and participation in planning and promoting events as required. Chair: Arliene Stremming  – 520-625-4067  – ajstrem@hotmail.com

NOMINATING: This team is charged with the responsibility of refreshing the Board and Committees with new people, energy and ideas.  This is ongoing and requires a working knowledge of neighborhood issues.  Number of hours is minimal.  Chair: Dennis Wyatt – 928-899-3387 – denway48@yahoo.com

ARCHIVES:  Goal is to maintain the archival history and legally mandated records of La Canada Desert Homes 1.  The part of this has been accomplished and relatively minor updates are required annually. Chair: Dennis Wyatt – 928-899-3387 – denway48@yahoo.com

COMMUNICATIONS: Task is simply to keep us all informed and to encourage engagement in community affairs, primarily through the website and newsletter. Chair: Ken Balmer – 520-331-7286 – kbalmer@rethink-group.com