Volunteer Opportunities

We expect every member to be involved in volunteer support of LCDH1 in some way.  Those who have taken major roles in the past will likely retreat temporarily to minor roles as they refresh their energy and motivation.  Board and Committee work is critical – the only question should be: Where are my talents most valuable?

But there are many other ways to engage.  The examples below are intended to inspire your imagination – what will be your special contribution?WOW

You can host a WOW (Wine on Wednesday), joining many who have discovered just how easy it is when others bring the food, their own drinks and their willingness to help clean up afterwards.

Dennis the Bee Guy

Our President has also served reputably as our ‘bee guy’, courageously tackling a hive at our entrance sign.Library

Mike Dearing, Greg Knowles, Sandy Tweedy and Roy Gregson created our Little Free Library.


Terry Olsen created the wonderful desert scene on the back of our entrance sign – so vital that real quails have been seen hopping up for a visit.



We’ve had several music events, local talent of course.

Board MeetingsThe first Board meeting of 2016 had 12 residents in attendance to help inform or influence decisions and just to see what was going on.

Dave Faldalen, Chair of our Landscape Committee can often be seen in the common area atDave - Pathways Amigos and Fremont, building pathways for us all to enjoy.

Think about it!  What could be your unique contribution to our great little community?